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I LOVE design – web design, print design – you name it, I can stick a little heart sticker on it. I get very excited about brand creation and exploring all the possibilities of how to deliver a bang on visual representation of what you might have envisaged in your mind. I love print finishes. I’m a sucker for consistency. I love getting stuck in.

I like to keep things simple. I like strong colours with clean, structured layouts and subtle detailing. I’m a fan of the grid system. I like organisation. I don’t like clutter. My favourite artist is Pete McKee.

I’m a clumsy, self-diagnosed obsessive compulsive who will drink about 10 cups of tea a day minimum (Yorkshire Tea all the way, just in case you were thinking of popping over one time). I like weddings.

I’m an animal lover. I started kitten smuggling at a very young age. I have a gorgeous Cream Colourpoint British Shorthair cat named Ziggy Stardust and a Miniature Schnauzer named Keith Moon.

I’m a lover of vintage items, my office is full of them, I’m a hoarder. I love colourful ornaments. I LOVE Joy Division.

I’m an observer. You may think I’m shy and quiet, but I’m merely working things out and taking things in. I love people watching.

I’m a perfectionist. You can normally tell by the look on my face if I’m not keen on something, even before I actually say it. I wear my heart on my sleeve and won’t be happy until you’re happy.

Oh, and I was once a Disco Dancing champion.


Vikki Quinlan

Owner // Designer

What… did you think I was going to upload a picture of me doing my Ghostbusters routine?!


Ziggy Stardust

Top Cat

The coolest cat with the biggest attitude. Struts the streets like he owns them. Has never caught a bird in his life but has caught COUNTLESS feathers.


Keith Moon

Secretary and general Dogsbody

Hates being left alone. Cries like a baby. Likes licking - A LOT. Can normally find him chewing on Ziggy's ears or asleep in one of many bizarre positions.

So, what can I do for you?


Whether it be modernising your existing identity, or starting from the ground up – it doesn’t matter. I’ll make sure that the final concept represents you, your values and more importantly, your personality in digital (or printed) form.


Got a cracking business idea but your website is a) non-existent or b) harks back to the fixed width, table based, Times New Roman archaic styles that make your eyes bleed? Sounds like you could do with my help! I specialise in responsive, CMS driven websites meaning that not only does your website look good on Tom, Dick AND Harry’s browser, but you get to update it yourself without having to worry about costly maintenance charges.


Packaging, Wedding Stationery, Taxi Livery all the way up to GIANT Billboards – you name it, I’ve (probably) designed it. I’m especially excited by print finishes so don’t be surprised if I try and slip in some Spot UV or embossing into the artwork ;)

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